From the feasibility studies to the prototyping of a physical model, we give you an opinion, a relation or whatever our customer needs regarding the project. We can advise and propose the best technical and creative solution that fits the project. The 4DODO team follow step by step each project aspect with original and custom ideas and solutions.

Content Creation

We love to develope and create visual and audio contents. We study the best practices in light design and olfattive suggestions to make the immersive environment real.

Previsualization and prototyping

To check and analyze every project aspect, we build real models on scale using 3d printer and CNC routers. This allows to preview the final result and prevent any unexpected issue.

Design and direction

Once collected all ideas we start to write and sketch a storyboard. The storyboard glues together all the elements where each idea get his own dimension and timing. We develop those ideas starting with simulations on-scale prototyped models, allowing to simulate in a small size the solution for the big scale.

Creative Concept

After the brief, we love to listen to our client ideas and expectations. We offer a demo of our technologies to start thinking together on the project and translate ideas into a design or a event.

Content Management

We manage the show and the event giving a turnkey solution, even including the technical crew and staff formation.

Installation and Setup

We like to follow in first person the installation of the scenic and hardware plant from cabling to software calibration

Software and Hardware design, develope and building

We design and program hardware and software, configure and develope graphic user interfaces for the content management for your show, giving the opportunity to control yourself your project.

4DODO Academy

We love to share our expertise and knowledge with the others. For this reason we’ve created the 4dodo academy that offers  workshops and interactive lessons from the traditional scenography to the latest show technologies.