Specola M. Hack - Museum

INAF – Astronomical Observatory of Trieste

Specola Margherita Hack – Museum

Basovizza – Trieste, Italy

Client: INAF Trieste

Creative direction : 4DODO Creative Team

Interactive and Real Time Technology: Real time Management System based on 4DODO’s custum software and our high performance 4U Mediaserver

In the evocative setting of the “Specola” M. Hack in Trieste – Italy, in 2022 a new exhibition promoted by INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics) has been inaugurated on the ground floor, designed to offer visitors an engaging journey of dissemination.

The synergy between 4DODO and INAF has given rise to an innovative exhibition that combines physical elements with multimedia content, creating a unique experience of cohabitation between the real and virtual worlds.

From the moment of entry, visitors are captivated by a breathtaking view: the only point from which to admire the 3D projection of the Reinfelder telescope, created using the perspective technique of anamorphism, leveraging the characteristic angle of the central column of the observatory. This dynamic projection, which evolves throughout the exhibition, presents various images and insights into the history of INAF Trieste and its sites.

Regarding the technological aspect, 4DODO has led the process of design and selection of technologies for the visualization of audio, video, and lighting content. All this is seamlessly integrated and managed by our control system, the 4U System, specially designed and customized for the needs of the Specola. From the moment of activation to the end of the day, all technologies are orchestrated seamlessly to ensure a smooth and engaging experience for visitors.