Loko - Waterparks

Acquavillage Waterpars - Cecina, Livorno

Loko: The first slide in 3D mapping projection

Acqua Village Waterparks

Client: Acqua Village Water Parks – Cecina, Livorno – Italy

Content creation: 4DODO Creative Team

System Management: 4U Technology by 4DODO, with custom software management developed by our Tech Team

Located inside the scenographic area of “Lua Pele”, Loko is the first and unique of its type of slide on world: thanks to 3D projection mapping you can slide inside a volcano full of magma. Loko won the special jury award at Parksmania Awards 2018.


Loko’s Numbers:

  • Volcanic crater sizes: 17 meters heigth, 12 meters wide, over 36 tons of steel concrete and polyurethane hand sculpted;
  • Over 2 billion points cloud elaborated from Laser scansion to create an accurate 3D model;
  • High resolution content – over 6K;
  • N.2 4U custom mediaservers by 4DODO (main and dynamic backup);
  • Real time custom software to manage 3D model and feeding 6 videoprojectors calculating optical deformations;
  • Custom GUI to schedule operations and for system diagnose.