Meraviglia- Bellissima -Grandiosa - Virtuosa

4DODO per i Dome LED MSC

Contents and Management System for the Biggest Domes LED ever built on a cruise ship

Client: MSC Cruises

Contents: 4DODO Creative Team

System Management: Custom hardware and software Infrastructure developed by 4DODO tech Team, based on our 4DODO Technology.

DOME CONTENTS    Domeshows are short stories of 4 minutes, that take over on the whole dome surface three times a day, created to astonish and amaze the passengers on the promenade. They were created for the maximum resolution available of each ship, to create a pixel accurate “wow effect”: 17 different stories in over 60 minutes of extremely high resolution content. N.7 Domeshows with 8K resolution, with soundtrack for MSC Meraviglia (2017); N.7 Domeshows with 10K resolution, with soundtrack for MSC Bellissima (2019); N.3 Domeshows with 12K resolution, with original soundtrack for MSC Grandiosa (2019)

CONTENT CREATION   Over 10k hours of developement, 3D modeling, editing and compositing. Over 16 Terabytes of generated data. 756 GHz/h of local render farm compute power

REAL TIME TEMPLATES   Templates are peculiar tools to manage and show on the whole dome images, videos and pictures folders in realtime, without prerender or precalculate time, they were created to manage every single pixel at the native resolution of the Dome LED in real time. Each template has is own placeholders and behaviour to manage user created media, giving the ability to the operator to edit it. We developed 33 Real Time Templates with 24K resolution  and 45 Still images with 24K resolution.

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INFRASTRUCTURE   N. 6 Mediaserver 4U by 4DODO with an overall 6 active outputs (4K) and 6 backup outputs (100% backup); DUAL Supervisor server to ingest and sync content and interfacing with the operator for redundancy with solid state NVME drives; over 100Gb/s bandwith to stream hi-res content to the playback server cluster; Smart backup system, with autodiagnose and self switching in case of hardware/software failure; Internal networked audio card for digital I/O multichannel (Dante Audio); Hybrid storage (local and networked) for maximum read speed and maximum reliability

REAL TIME ENGINE   At the heart of system pulses the real time engine, the software that manages every single pixel of the Dome LED 60 times a second, computating the whole surface of the Dome, what content display and where. The engine is designed with reliability as first requirement, to build resilient and scalable clusters of servers.

GUI – Graphical User Interface  A clean and easy interface built to give technicians the ability to operate on the dome effortlessy, the GUI can be reached from every PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone connected to the ship network. Using the interface the operators are also able to manage the parameters of luminance, saturation, color and contast directly from the 4U mediaservers.

BROADCASTING   The server cluster is interfaced with the ship video broadcast system and the TV Studio, to manage realtime video stream and displaying it on the dome. The system has been redesigned through the various releases to uniform the latency and have a quicker interaction and reliable streaming, as happened during the Christening ceremony.

MSC Meraviglia – June 2017

MSC Bellissima – March 2019

New Bellissima Dome Show
Bellissima Christening Ceremony under the Dome LED

MSC Grandiosa – November 2019

MSC Grandiosa Christening Ceremony and live events
MSC Grandiosa Dome Show

MSC Virtuosa – Coming in 2020