MSC World America

MSC World Europa – Panorama Lounge

Multimedia Entertainment Infrastructure

Client: MSC Cruises – MSC World Europa – Panorama Lounge
Content Management System: 4U By 4DODO – Custom hardware and Software Infrastructure
Interactive Technology: developed by 4DODO Tech Team and integrated in 4U System
Interactive Content: 4U Tech Team

A LED floor that becomes interactive at any time of the day. This is the project created by 4DODO for the Panorama Lounge of MSC World Europe.
The 4DODO 4U System, customized for the project, allows to manage the broadcasting of content and interactivity on the LED floor using custom templates. MSC Multimedia Manager can create any interactive content by selecting a static image or video background and a folder of images that becomes the interactive instances. The broadcasting of the content – in real time or scheduling – is managed by our 4U System which also controls the content displayed by the 8 videoprojectors on the motorized curtains.