In Gianni Borta's Wild Nature

An Immersive Experience

In Gianni Borta’s Wild Nature – An Immersive Experience

Nella Natura Selvaggia di Gianni Borta – Un’esperienza immersiva

An Immersive and Interactive Experience inside the colours of Gianni Borta’s Art

Client: Udine Gorizia Fiere – 70esima Fiera “Casa Moderna”

Creative direction : 4DODO Creative Team

Interactive and Real Time Technology: Real time Management System based on 4DODO’s custum software and our high performance 4U Mediaserver

Music: Federico Mullner for 4DODO

The immersive and interactive experience for “In Gianni Borta’s Wild Nature” utilized multimedia technology including video projection, audio, and interactivity to immerse us into the works of the Master, amplifying the power of his art to communicate, his painting gesture, his colors, and the deeper meaning of his way of observing and representing the natural world.

In the first part of the immersive experience, the intelligence behind the multimedia system programmed by 4DODO would choose one of the 60 works by the artist, making each viewing experience unique and different depending on the moment.

After an initial virtual contact with the selected Master’s work in its entirety, the visitor, progressing within the immersive space, would be immersed inside it, admiring its details thanks to a “virtual zoom”, managed in real time by the computer system, which, like a digital eye similar to a human eye, would seek out the details.

The zoom’s task was to transport us into the artist’s works, showing us the most exciting and less approachable details, especially enhancing the power of color through video projection. The second moment, on the other hand, was the completely immersive and interactive one.

The interactive system would transform us into artists by virtually capturing our movements, mixing together the virtual particles of the Master’s work’s color, creating an additional connection with it and the artist’s painting gesture. To complete the immersion in Gianni Borta’s works and his wild nature, the musical carpet composed for the immersive experience would accompany us with piano melodies and ambient sounds.