Pordenone Experience

An immersive tour inside the Antonio De Sacchis “Il Pordenone” frescoes

Client: Comune di Pordenone – Italy

Creative direction : 4DODO Creative Team

Real Time Technology: Real time Management System based on 4DODO custum software and high performance 4U Mediaserver

Music: Simone Sant for 4DODO

“Pordenone Experience” is an immersive exhibition, an exciting “Digital” journey among frescoes painted by Antonio de Sacchis “Il Pordenone”.
The idea of this exhibition proposed by 4DODO was to create a technological but real experience, to observe details otherwise not visible in the works of this great Renaissance artist.

The experience created by 4DODO was managed by a real-time system developed by our Tech Team. The high-resolution gigapixel photos, taken by Michele Battistuzzi photographer, became contents reinterpreted time by time by an algorithm.

The curator of the exhibition has highlighted specific points of the paintings that were tagged with a theme and visually proposed in a dynamic way onto the scenography surfaces.

The system created time by time new visual paths to explore the tagged waypoints, not following a ready-made timeline, as a classic video, but generating it in real-time, without a begin and an end.

The permutation of all these possibilities means that the experience was new and distinct in every moment of the exhibition.