Real time contents and technologies

Contents and technologies created in real time

Real time contents and technologies

Today’s technology allows us to have a huge computing power while the time we can dedicate to each project is becoming shorter and shorter.

In 2020 we have decided to commit ourselves to the concept of Virtual Production and real time and we have concentrated our investments and efforts to it.

What we did here in 4DODO is understanding  how the concept of virtual production and real time can be taken and used  to create contents and produce hardware and software systems for their management.

Real time contents – Virtual Productions

La figlia di Shylock – Teatro Stabile del Veneto and 4DODO – May 2020

Real Time Projects developed

MSC Cruiseses Dome LED 

MSC Cruises LED wall Atrium

Pordenone Experience

And also

Batman Flight Wing – Warner Bross, Studio City Macau, 2015

“Generare Dio” di Massimo Cacciari – Teatro Stabile del Veneto, 2019

“L’Ecclesiaste” – Cinema Teatro Busan – Mogliano Veneto, 2016

“L’uomo dal fiore in bocca e La patente” – Cinema Teatro Busan – Mogliano Veneto, 2018